Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lagoon with Laurie

Every year NuSkin rents out Lagoon for its employees. Since Glen works at NuSkin, we were lucky enough to get tickets this year. Not only that, but the tickets came with on-site baby sitting in the form of Aunt Laurie. There was even free food and a parking voucher. The boys were super-excited despite having never been to Lagoon before. Both Mark and Dax really wanted to ride Wicked.

We headed straight for the old white roller-coaster when we got in the park because we figured that was a baby step toward the more intense roller-coasters. It was Dax's first-- and last-- big ride. Mark had ridden a roller-coaster at Sea World and enjoyed it, and his friend Cael had told him how fun Wicked was, so he was fine.

So Laurie took the boys to KiddieLand, where they spent the whole night riding boats, planes, and cars, while Mom, Dad, and Mark rode all the big rides. They have an amazing new roller-coaster called the Cannibal, which we've described on the other site.

Though Glen couldn't make it to his own work party, it was fun to be with Tyler and Nate and their "special friends." And even though we didn't get home until nearly midnight, I think our boys would go again in a heartbeat.

Can't wait to go inside! Dax might be a little nervous already.

Seth loved this ride because you could fly AND shoot!

He rode the train with Laurie!

Amy and Brian came, too, so Aiden and Sam rode lots of the rides with Seth and Dax.

Mark is a roller coaster fiend...he went on all of them. And Dad loves to scream the entire time on roller coasters.

Randy thinks he is going to win an award for this picture!

Randy and Mark were roller coaster buddies!

Dax had fun in Kiddieland. I hope he isn't traumatized from the white roller coaster.

We did go on the teacups as a family, well almost a family. Seth wanted to ride something else.

Mark still can't decide if he likes Wicked or Cannibal better. 

Seth and I rode the dragon roller coaster about 8 billion times together (I think it was actually 5).

They loved riding in the cars, as long as they go a blue one!

Dax said his favorite part was the bumper cars. Can you see him peeking behind Mark?

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  1. Had so much fun that night! Loved being with you guys!


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