Saturday, August 12, 2017

Seth's Birthday

Seth loves sharks so I had to get him this balloon when I saw it.
Seth turned 5 this year! A whole hand! Seth had a lot of grand plans for his birthday. First of all, he was very sad that were weren't spending his birthday at Bear Lake. Last year we were at Bear Lake on his birthday, and he wanted to repeat that experience. Seth insisted that we were going to go back to Bear Lake even though we had been there 2 weeks before. Well, we didn't go, but we will be there next year on his birthday!

Instead we took Seth to the zoo. This is one of his favorite spots, and we had a really fun day seeing the huge bugs that are on display right now, as well as the animals. None of the tigers were out, and the new polar bears haven't arrived, but I think Seth still had fun riding the carousel and train.
Seth is well known for his faces in pictures. 
He totally posed this one, too! Sliding off the rhino's back....
Dax got called up to help on stage during this show at the Zoo. He was so excited! 
Seth loves being up close with the animals. 
Mountain Lions are one of his favorite animals. 
Seth's brothers caught on to the faces in photos. 
We always go to the bird show at the Hogle Zoo. It's the best!
Seth got to have his picture taken next to the bald eagle which is his favorite bird! 
Even the big brothers love riding the carousel.
Seth was so happy to ride the polar bear. 
We had a great day at the zoo.
We stopped at Wendy's for lunch at Seth's request. Wendy's is his favorite restaurant! Then we hurried home to spend the afternoon with Grandma and Brittany who came down to see Seth for his birthday.

Seth requested a polar bear cake for his birthday. This was after he had asked for a shark cake, a tiger cake, and a Star Wars cake. He finally settled on a polar bear care the day before his birthday. Mom really stressed over this one, but was so pleased with how it turned out. We had pancakes and bacon for dinner, and then enjoyed the yummy polar bear cake!
Seth's happy face about the cake makes it all worth it!
Seth also loves Kylo Ren and Spider Man. My sister spoiled him.
Kylo Ren arrived at our house on Seth's birthday.
He was so excited for his birthday! 
Seth was so glad Grandma could come for his birthday!
Seth is a wonderful boy. He loves baseball right now just like his big brother Mark. Seth loves to play games, and read the Magic Tree House books with his Dad. Seth gives the best hugs, and is Mom's little buddy since they are home all day together.

Seth really wanted to have a birthday party with his friends. So the week after his birthday, we gathered some friends together and had a water party. It was an easy party. We played a few games, jumped in the pool, slid on the slip and slide, and had some cupcakes. Everyone had a lot of fun, especially Seth.
Seth and his friends loved going down the slide into the pool. 
We played water balloon toss. It was mostly laughing and balloons breaking.
The slip 'n' slide was a huge hit!
Everyone loves when Dad slides. He makes a big splash!

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  1. Happy Birthday, my little buddy!! I kind of love this kid!


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