Friday, December 10, 2010


Last Saturday, we took the boys in to take some pictures at Portrait Innovations.  Although we ended up waiting for a bit (even though we had an appointment) we were pleased with how well the photographers interacted with the kids and with how well the pictures turned out.  Mark loved taking pictures, at first.  By the end, he had a look on his face like, "seriously, we are still taking pictures."  Dax cried the minute we walked in, but luckily I had brought a huge box of Junior Mints.   Every time he sat and smiled, he got some candy.  It was almost like training a dog.  The hardest part was getting them to take a good picture together.  One was either looking away, running away, or making a crazy face.  But, we managed to get some good ones of them together.  Here are a few favorites you won't see hanging in our house or on a Christmas Card!

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  1. I took my kids here for their Christmas pictures, too! We had such a good experience! I didn't realize you had gotten these ones done there! too funny! :)


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