Wednesday, December 22, 2010


We have been doing so many fun things around here for Christmas, so here is a photo log of our week before Christmas.

This pretty much sums up all of our interactions with Santa.  The boys have seen him 5 times this year--definitely a record!  Mark is okay, not great, sitting on his lap, but Dax just wants to get away!

We built this gingerbread house at the Ockey Family Christmas Party.  The boys definitely ate more than they put on the actual house.

We built this snow fort.  Too bad it was mostly gone by morning.

Did I mention the fort was actually a tunnel?  Randy is very creative with the snow!  I am still learning.  Here is Dax crawling through.

Mark built a snowman with our neighbor.  We loved it!

We made sugar cookies and Dax loved them!

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  1. Where have your kids been to see Santa five times? Seriously I waited in line for two hours to take Daniel. Nice snow fort.


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