Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hawaii Day 2-- Laie Temple

After Diamond Head, we changed quickly and drove across the island to the Laie Temple. It's an interesting drive. You fight the traffic on the "freeway," swearing and swerving like an LA cabbie until you come to a tunnel. You pass through the tunnel and you are now on the east side of the island. Suddenly, you've left the city behind and entered the laid back Hawaii of ukeleles and grass skirts. We liked this side of the island much better! We took the time to do a session at the temple, and were very surprised at how small it was. We had only about 40 people in our session, and if there'd been 42, Natalie would likely have had to sit on someone's lap. Surprisingly, the final portion of the ceremony can only be performed 4 at a time! The grounds were beautiful, though, with exotic flowers that you can't see at any other temple, and the session was great (Although I do disagree with shouting "Aloha!" in the temple chapel and expecting a resounding reply.)

Cattle Egrets hanging out on the temple grounds.

Natalie in front of the Laie temple right after our morning session.

A sister missionary snapped this photo of us when we took the tram ride from the Polynesian Cultural Center.  That's why we are wearing leis now and it's sunset time!

Hibiscus flowers--they are everywhere and gorgeous.

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