Thursday, April 7, 2011

What the crap?!

Last night, Mark flashed by stark naked, yelling over his shoulder, "I just need to go and get some new clothes." That is never a good sign, so Randy and I looked up to see him covered in poop toddling up the stairs. We stopped him and asked what happened. Here was his story: "I had to go pee, but as I was standing there some poop came out. It is everywhere in the bathroom. And now I need some new clothes." Well I walked Mark back to the bathroom, so I could clean him up and he was not exaggerating about poop EVERYWHERE. He had tried to clean it up (which is very nice, but only made things worse). It was on the walls, the shower curtain, the cabinets, the towels (he used them to wipe up), both rugs, in the sink (he had put his pants in there), and of course, all over the floor. So guess what I got to do last night? It wasn't exactly what I had planned on doing, but I guess it is one of the jobs you find yourself doing once you become a mom. Don't worry, I still love Mark and I didn't even get mad. How could I when he had tried to clean it up? I just laughed as I wiped poop off of every surface in the bathroom. But now that bathroom is really clean! I considered taking pictures, but didn't think you would want to see. Instead here is a picture of Mark from a few days ago--when he was poop free!

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