Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hey, this is Randy. . . 

Well, we managed to have a happy Halloween after all. Dax refused to wear a costume for the weeks leading up to the day, despite the fact that we had the cutest little monkey costume that my sister, Laurie, made. We tried a bunch of different things to get him excited, but what finally worked was having his brother dress up and knock on each of the bedroom doors as Dad handed out candy. Seeing the principle in action changed Dax's mind in a hurry! He still wouldn't go for the monkey costume because he didn't want anything on his head. We finally got him in a Buzz Lightyear outfit, but he refused to put the hood up on that, too.

He did get into the spirit, though, and we Trunk-or-Treated with our ward, and then went out on Halloween night as well. It was a pretty good memory exercise for him. After the first house he'd say, "I got m&ms." After house two: "I got m&ms and a Kit Kat." Then, "I got m&ms, a Kit Kat and a sucker!" He could remember up to about 6 houses. Then he'd start dropping items out of his list. 

We hope you all had as happy a Halloween as we did! Here are the pictures:

Trick or Treating in the house.

Natalie worked really hard on this Luke Skywalker costume.
Funny how Mark really wanted to be Luke despite having seen about 5
minutes of Return of the Jedi-- clearly the weakest of the old movies!

Halloween night--off we go to Trick or Treat.


  1. Awww. They look so cute! Nice costumes.

  2. Great job, Natalie!

    And I'm so glad Dax finally came around! (the one of both the boys as Buzz is precious)


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