Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Jar

We found a fun idea to increase gratitude in our house on my friend's blog (check it out here). So we have been doing all sorts of activities as a family--baking cookies (we're thankful for our kitchen), watching The Lion King together (we're thankful for our eyes), making cards for dad (we're thankful for our dad), and my favorite so far, raking our neighbors leaves (we're thankful for our neighbors). It was so much fun to watch the boys get excited about service. They couldn't wait for dad to come home and help us rake the leaves in our neighbor's yard. They did a great job!

Mark is a good raker.

Dax likes to play with the rake.

Look at those hard workers.

Cleaning up leaves with dad.

And who knows what we'll be thankful for tomorrow!


  1. The boys are growing up so fast! You are such a good mom. Service is so important.

  2. Aww... Love it!! Glad you're using the idea! It's great, isn't it?! :)

  3. That's cute, the jar, I should have checked your blog before and then could have used it too. And I love the boys "helping" clean up the yard.


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