Monday, January 30, 2012

Dax's first big crash

Well, I knew it was coming since Mark has already had his head glued shut and stapled together. I knew one day Dax would do something to catch up with his big brother. This week while Randy spent all day at the school doing parent teacher conferences, we went to visit my parents in Idaho. It was a great few days visiting Grandma and Grandpa. On Thursday night, I was helping Mark practice piano when I heard a loud crash and then a lot of crying. I looked over and Dax was laying on the wood floor with a plastic stool tipped over. My dad was right there picking him up. I went to help and look him over--I only noticed a small scratch under his eye. So I gave him a hug and when he leaned back to let out a big cry, there was blood pouring down his face. When he had fallen, we are guessing he hit the end table and cut his eyelid. It bled for awhile and we finally decided it wasn't bad enough to merit a doctor visit. Dax took it all very well and although it was swollen at first, by bedtime it looked tons better.
Dax's eye! I told him to make a sad face.

He mostly looked like this through it all--he is one tough cookie.

In fact, it has been fairly minor. It is almost healed and he didn't even get a black eye. He has a slight bruise on his eyelid still and you can see the cut, but it's almost gone. It was a valiant attempt at being like Mark, but he didn't quite make it.


  1. Blood pouring? That definitely sounds scary! Glad he's OK.

  2. As you likely guessed already, I'm not exactly proud of the fact that Ron kissed me when I was only 13. Although it didn't seem like a real kiss or a real relationship or anything, more just like an kids have known about this forever (they think it's funny that I was so naive), I just haven't ever shared the story with the masses.


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