Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Randy's New Car

It finally happened. Randy's 1996 Hyundai Elantra died. It was a day of mourning at our house and I'm still not sure if Randy is over it completely. He did get to buy a new car. He moved up in the world with a 2009 Hyundai Sonata complete with power windows and locks (things he didn't want, but these "extras" are standard nowdays). He does like that he can plug his iPod right into the radio. If you know Randy well, though, you know that he is highly resistant to technology-- He refuses to have a cell phone, and he thinks texting rates as a form of communication near smoke signals and flatulence.

This past weekend, a friend was over and went for a ride in Randy's new car. Randy got inside his car, realized the other door was locked and reached across to unlock the door for his friend. His friend got into the car a little shocked that such a new car had no power locks, but then looked down and realized the car did in fact have power locks. He asked Randy, "Do you know how to work the locks?" to which Randy said, "Hey, there are five buttons over here. It's way easier to reach across and unlock it manually." I laughed and laughed when they told me this story because I'm not sure my husband is ever going to join the 21st century!


  1. I am surprised he didn't make the dealership rip out the auto locks. Hooray for a new car!

  2. That makes me laugh! I need to take a ride in your new "ride."


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