Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

This year we wanted to do something fun for Randy for Valentine's Day, and my friend happened to mention that they heart attack her husband's car every year. So I decided we would surprise Randy with a heart attack inside his car. The boys helped me decorate the hearts and write messages on them for their dad. They were so excited to do something secret. Just before lunch time, we drove out to Randy's school and climbed inside his car and started sticking hearts everywhere. Dax was really excited to stick a heart on the steering wheel. And Mark wrote the cutest notes on the hearts! They both kept giggling while we were in dad's car--they were so excited to surprise him. Here are the pictures of the completed project. I think we might have to do this again, or at least come up with another way to surprise dad next year!

We made a sign for the windshield.

Giggling in the back seat.

The heart attack.

Mark and Dax by the finished surprise.

Randy brought home flowers for me and chocolate dipped strawberries. Yum! I had to put a picture because I thought the flowers were gorgeous.


  1. Love the heart attack idea! Your flowers are so pretty. I got purple, pink, and white daisies. Kiy brought home half a dozen flowers from boys at school.


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