Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Awards

When Randy and I decided to create a blog a little over a year ago, I didn't think that we would win a blog award. In fact, our other blog was created first because we wanted a resource to pass on to people like us who were always looking for fun things to do with their children. Then we decided to create a more personal blog for our family to enjoy. But today, this blog received an award, and if I want . . . I can accept two awards. So of course, I am accepting both because I figured after a night of waking up every 2 hours with my almost 3 year old who is having some bathroom issues I deserved a little recognition for surviving the night. This award came from my sister-in-law(whose blog is very entertaining to read by the way), but hey, it's an award none the less. This award asks that I share seven interesting things about me, my blog, or whatever.  So here goes. . . 

Seven Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I watch Star Trek with my husband. We have started at the beginning of the series and are watching through every single episode. We began this addiction by watching all 10 Star Trek Movies, and we were hooked. So we continued on with the TV show. It has been a lot of fun, but I don't often want to admit that I am a Trekkie! :)

2. I know every single Boston Red Sox player. In order to survive in this house with all boys, I have to know my sports. And it is important to my husband that we can have a discussion about sports. So I know my fair share about every sport, but since the Red Sox are his and our son Mark's passion, I know all the players and a lot of other random information about the team. Don't get me wrong--I enjoy it, and maybe that is the part that I don't like to admit.

3. I lose to Mark in the game Sorry almost every time. No matter how many times we play, he wins. It's hard to lose so often to a 5 year old, especially when he has learned to trash talk from his dad, but I have to remember that it's good for his self-esteem.

4. I hate bananas. I will eat just about every fruit or vegetable, but since I was a kid I have hated bananas. They have the most disgusting texture, and I can't get over it. My mom says that I devoured them up until the time I was five, but after that I gave up on bananas. So please, don't bring me any banana bread. Well, I take that back . . . bring it for my poor family who loves it but I can rarely bring myself to make it.

5. I have a book buying problem. Whenever the book orders from preschool come home, Randy groans. I think it is the teacher in me that wants to have a million books for my children to read. Thankfully they love to read, but they probably don't need a new book every day of the year. So I have really tried to be better this year. . .  and it has been a real struggle. I figure it's better than a shoe buying problem which I definitely don't have since I only own about 10 pair.

6. I get a little bit crazy once it gets late. Okay, a lot crazy. After about 11:00 PM, I start to giggle at everything, and this often leads to tears because I am laughing so hard. I just can't stay up late. . . I have always preferred "early to bed and early to rise." When I am pregnant, this time moves up to about 9:30/10:00 and everything becomes more intense. My family has always teased me about it, but it's out of my hands. Randy, who is a night owl, thinks I am insane, and I probably am.

7. I love spending time with my family. This is probably something you already knew about me, but I would much rather hang out with Randy and the boys then go on a girls' night out or out on my own. I know most people need their own time, and that is fine for them, but I love spending 100% of my time with my family. That is why Randy and I run these blogs together and everything is about my family. They are awesome!

We aren't big blog readers, but we want to pass this on to our family and friends that we diligently follow. Hopefully, they will want to participate, too (check out my sister in law's blog for more info on these "awards").

(These two blogs are both by my good friend Angee, but we couldn't decide which one we liked better, so we are awarding both!)

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  1. I understand about wanting to spend all my time with my family too. I had no idea you were a trekkie. I used to watch the shows with Jim when I was a kid, but not much since.


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