Friday, August 16, 2013

Millions of Peaches....

It's not really a million peaches, but it felt like it to us!
This is our 2nd pick. We filled one huge bowl the first time.
We had a great year with our peach tree. We got a lot of peaches, and so did the wasps. Man, those wasps sure love peaches. I had no idea! Anyway, we have been eating peaches every meal, plus in peach cobbler and peach pie. Our children love them. They like to eat them sliced or whole. We enjoyed picking the peaches and watching our boys run over to grab one to eat. Mark and Dax probably ate 10 each the first day. Seth sat next to the bowl with one in each hand. Then every once in awhile I would look over and he had set those two down, and picked up two new ones to take a bite out of. We truly believe that our children LOVE to eat fruits and vegetables because they help us in the garden and with the fruit trees. It has been such a blessing in our home.

Peach Pie...mmmm!

Seth always has a peach in each hand.
 This bowl, plus the 10 or so the kids ate was the first pick. 

Dax eating his 10th peach.

We love peaches!

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