Monday, August 26, 2013

Special Mom Day!

Randy came home today and told me to get ready. We were going to be gone for an hour or so and was that okay with the dinner plans? I couldn't much info out of him, but I figured we could work things out  for dinner, so we headed out the door with the boys in tow. Soon we were pulling up at the nail salon. Randy told me he wanted to do something nice for me, and I was to go in and get a pedicure. He'd come pick me up in 45 minutes. I was so excited. I love getting pedicures. Didn't my toes turn out cute?

Once we got home, the boys sent me inside to wait and said they'd be inside in just a minute. I wished I had been smart enough to grab my camera because it was so precious to see Seth walking in with chocolates, Dax with flowers, and Mark with a new t-shirt. They had gone shopping while I was getting my nails done. It's not my birthday, anniversary, Valentine's day or anything. It was just Special Mom Day. It really made me feel special since it wasn't a required gift occasion.

Randy told me that moms never get enough appreciation so he wanted to appreciate me today. I don't even think I was complaining about being a mom yesterday, so I was grateful for the surprise and his thoughtfulness. I know how lucky I am to have a great husband who helps a ton around the house, and does lots of nice things for me, too. And I am lucky to have three boys who take good care of me. They run me ragged, but I love their smiles and hugs and all the fun things they say. It was a great Special Mom day!

My pretty flowers

Mark & Mom--he's pointing to my new BYU shirt!

Dax & mom--also pointing to the shirt, well kind of!

Seth & mom
This was our first attempt at a picture...
Seth crying, Dax chewing on his finger, and Mark trying hard to smile! 


  1. Great job, Randy! I knew you were a good kid. :)

  2. SPOILED!! I am glad you got a fun mom day. Way to go Randy and boys!

  3. That is so great! What an awesome husband you have.


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