Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Couple of Firsts

Dax had his first day of preschool this week. He was so excited to go see his teacher and friends from last year. He had a fantastic day and is so excited for the whole year. I let Dax buy a new shirt to wear for the first day of school and he picked this one--it was on sale for like $3, but he was so happy it was about loving pizza. Dax LOVES pizza!

Heading off to preschool...don't worry, I fixed his hair before we left the house.

First day!

Dax also started soccer this year. After watching Mark for three years, he was ready to take the field himself. His first game is on Saturday, but he got new cleats today and wore them the whole day. He also wore his shin guards and big soccer socks all day until I finally told him he needed to cool off--those things are hot. His team name is the Cheetahs which make sense when you see their bright orange uniforms. Dax had so much fun at his first practice. He is definitely a more passive player, but I'm sure as the year goes on he'll start chasing the ball down.
Dax is in red shorts.

Go Cheetahs! 
It's fun when Dax gets to do things on his own because I think he feels like he lives in Mark's shadow a lot, so I'm glad he is big enough to play sports and go to school. Now, I just have Seth living in Mark AND Dax's shadows for the next 3 years.

Playing with dad at soccer practice.

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  1. Love that picture of Seth! And I don't see any shadows.


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