Thursday, September 26, 2013

No Training Wheels

Dax loves racing down our street.
Yesterday, I took off Dax's training wheels. He was riding his bike and I noticed that he was balancing without the use of his training wheels as I walked behind him. It's been a pretty good trick...Randy puts the training wheels slightly askew so that they slowly learn to balance on their own but they still have the security of the training wheels.

So anyway, I took his wheels off and Dax just took off down the street. I followed him for awhile, but he didn't really need my help. His only hang up is getting started. Dax's toes barely touched the ground, but I lowered his seat and now his feet touch. He is still perfecting starting on his own so every time he stops, I have to walk over and start him again. I hope he figures out how to start on his own soon, but maybe the exercise is good for me.

Everyone on our street was amazed at how fast he was zipping around and Dax was feeling pretty grown up. We surprised Mark and Dad when they got home from school.

It does make Dax look older now. I still think of him as my little boy, but now he is becoming a big boy.

He is a master at turns already.

So proud of himself!
 Here is a short video of Dax riding around for the past two days.

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