Sunday, October 13, 2013

The things we do for soccer

Last weekend, it snowed. I know it's only October, but in Utah that means snow can show up any time. So we woke up the first Saturday in October to a little bit of snow. I knew it would melt before the day got too far along, but unfortunately we had to head to a soccer game. This is what the game looked like...

We were all bundled up in our chairs. Seth thought it was amazing!

The snow is gone, but it was still COLD!

Dax took his coat off after the first quarter but kept his hat and gloves on.
Luckily, Mark's soccer game was at 1:00 and it had warmed up quite a bit. I even took my scarf and winter coat off about half way through his game. Let's hope we can avoid snow for the last two weeks of soccer.

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