Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seth's Kitchen

Seth, like most toddlers, loves to empty cupboard in our kitchen. He is especially fond of the pots and pans. Whenever I spend time in the kitchen baking or cooking dinner, Seth starts pulling out the pans. It is a huge mess, but I just let him do it because he is happier and I can get some stuff done. It bothers Randy a lot more-- he is in the kitchen picking up pots and pans every 10 minutes. But I think it is cute when he puts play food in, or puts the lid on, or stirs with his spoons--Seth is really trying to cook like mom.

See! He is SO happy!

We have a small kitchen that we brought upstairs in hopes of encouraging more playing at the toy kitchen, and less unloading the pan cupboard. It hasn't really helped--he just plays with both and makes twice the mess. But apparently Seth has been using his kitchen as a food storage area. A few nights ago I had given him a cookie to eat as we were cleaning up dinner. We had made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and he loved them. I saw him walking around eating his cookie while I loaded the dishwasher. A few minutes later I saw him without the cookie and just assumed he had eaten it up. I didn't think about it until the next morning when I saw Seth walk over to his kitchen, open the microwave, pull out a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, take a bite, and put it back in the microwave. I found it very amusing, and went over to check it out. Well, inside I found some goldfish, smarties, and the cookie.

I have to keep a close eye on him because Seth has put lots of things in his microwave, including a half eaten banana. I'm slightly proud of him for his ingenious use of his toy, and slightly annoyed that I have to check the toy microwave every night to make sure there isn't any rotting food stored inside.

I took a picture of the banana because
I want to remember how funny Seth is!

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