Friday, November 1, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

Both Randy and I dread carving pumpkins. It is our least favorite activity at Halloween time, but our kids love it SO much that I feel a tiny bit guilty about disliking it. So every year we suck it up and let them carve pumpkins. Dax has seriously been asking to carve pumpkins since we turned the calendar to October.

This was definitely our best year. Both Mark and Dax carved their own pumpkins with just a little bit of assistance. Dax had two to carve because he got one on a field trip. Randy took care of Seth's pumpkin and his own, while I carved mine.

The boys cleaned their own pumpkins out.

Loved every minute of it!

Randy worked hard on two pumpkins.

I'm not sure what made this year so easy. Maybe it was that the older two boys were so independent. Maybe it was that we kept the faces very simple. Or maybe it was our attitude. Whatever it was, I hope it holds up for years to come. We are very proud of our pumpkins.

Dax carved the one on the right all by himself.

Mark's vampire pumpkin.

Seth loved his pumpkin. He laughed at it and still
runs outside to check on it every day.

Randy...very creative as always.

I figured since I had a white pumpkin I'd better make a snowman.

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