Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Blurry, but cute!
Okay, I'm going to confess right now that I really don't like Halloween. Ask my family...I am grouchy all day. I hate dressing up, trying to scare our little kids, the enormous amount of candy (even though I eat my fair share), and the pointlessness of the whole holiday.

Now that I have that out of the way, I do try and make the best of it because my children love Halloween. And it is definitely more fun to celebrate with my kids. So to start Halloween on the right foot, I made some pumpkin pancakes. These pancakes weren't pumpkin flavored, they were just regular pancakes dyed orange. Randy said they were the best pancakes ever, Mark ate only one, Dax wouldn't even touch a pancake, and Seth nibbled on his. So they weren't a huge success, but I thought they were cute.

We usually have letter pancakes, but I made the pumpkins for Halloween.
Later that morning, we went to Mark's school for the Halloween parade. It is so CRAZY. The school has too many kids and the halls were packed, but both Dax and Seth were excited when Mark came parading by.

Mark with Dax's hand pointing at him!

A few hours later we picked Dax up from preschool and his class did a little Halloween parade down the street. I'm so glad it was a nice day for Halloween.

Dax is Spiderman!

Then after dinner, we hit the neighborhoods in Highland for trick-or-treating. We like to go trick-or-treat all the people we know from teaching up there (plus it's a high-income area with really great treats!) Seth loved trick-or-treating. He ran from house to house, and kept trying to go right in when they opened the door. He held onto his most recent piece of candy, so when they held out the bowl, he'd drop one in and take one out. I guess he thought he needed to trade.

I think the boys would have gone all night, but I got cold, and it was getting late. We ran into something unique while we were trick-or-treating--the headless horseman. Someone was riding their horse dressed in all black with no head and throwing candy to people. We saw him while it was still light so our kids weren't even scared. I didn't get a picture, but Randy and I were impressed with the costume. It really was a Happy Halloween!

Mark's Captain America Pose

Dax's Spiderman Pose

Seth was a cute elephant.

Seth loves trick or treating!

Seth was so proud of this sucker.
He showed it to everyone we passed!

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  1. Such cute costumes! They make great super-heroes!


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