Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seth's Haircut

Seth got a real haircut! He looks so grown-up. Everyone comments on how different he looks. So here are the before and after pictures.

By the way: Seth hardly cried for his haircut. Our other children have screamed and I've had to hold them still, but not Seth. He sat really well until the end when I think he was just tired of sitting and holding still. I was glad it was so easy.

Here are a few more pictures...
Cheesy smile...but you can see his long hair needs to go.

Right after the haircut!

Loves his hair!


  1. So cute! I really love the last picture of him touching it, like he's saying, "I got a haircut. I'm handsome, and I know it,"

  2. So cute and handsome! We miss you buddy, Audrey smiled when she saw your picture!


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