Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dax, the Letter Writer

Dax has become obsessed with writing letters. It all started because we have lots of people in our family on missions. I try to encourage my children to write to them every once in awhile. Soon it became Dax writing them letters every other day. I figured it was good for the missionaries to get mail. I also like that Dax is practicing his writing because he keeps making his little a's wrong and it drives me crazy, so I'm hoping I can get him to fix it.

Anyway, he has recently switched to some other people in our family. Dax will come up to the table with a stack of papers and announce who he is going to write his letters to each day. Then I help him spell their name and he does the rest. He usually draws a picture and writes Love, Dax--that he can spell himself. The other day he wanted to write a joke to his cousin...that took awhile because I had to spell out every word.

I scanned in a few of the more recent letters because I find them so endearing. Dax is truly a sweet little boy and I love that he is sharing some sweetness around.

Dax has a little trouble with the letter S. I
I love the size of him and Seth in his picture.

That is his uncle Bob cute!

The joke letter--it's his favorite joke.

I thought Dax's people were exceptional in this letter.
I especially liked the ears.


  1. We love letters from Dax! I'm keeping them all and will put them in a little book or something, I think it is so sweet he wants to write his family so much.

  2. Keep writing our missionary!


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