Friday, January 10, 2014

Randy's Birthday

Randy probably doesn't want me to tell you his age, so I won't. [Hey, this is ~Randy: If you actually don't know how old I am, just assume I'm about Natalie's age-- she's 34.] I'm pretty sure everyone knows anyway. Everyone wanted me to throw him a huge birthday party, but after 11 years of marriage I do know a few things about Randy and big parties are not his kind of thing. So I decided to just focus on doing things that he wanted to do.

First, we cleaned up Christmas on Christmas Day after the boys were asleep. Randy likes to have all of Christmas down for his birthday present every year. Usually we do it on his birthday, but this year we got a head start and finished the night of the 25th. The boys were only slightly sad when they woke up the next morning.

I let Randy sleep in, which is probably the most important part of birthdays for parents at our house. While he was sleeping, the boys helped me decorate the door.

I had an elaborate dinner and dessert planned, but when I called to ask Randy's sister if she would watch the kids on a different night so we could go to a movie, she offered to watch them that very night, so everything changed. We went to Tucano's (Randy's favorite restaurant) for dinner, and then to see the new Hunger Games movie. It is always fun to go out on a date!

Dax decorates the cutest presents.

We did open presents before we left and Randy got tickets to the Jazz game for all of us to go. So a week after his birthday we headed up to see the Jazz defeat the Milwaukee Bucks (one team that is actually worse than the Jazz). The new screens are huge! It was a fun night. Mark and Dax were really into the game, and Seth was super good. He did start running a fever about half way through the game, so he ended up looking pretty tired. Poor guy, but he was still happy! Before the game was even over, Dax asked if we could come to the next game that they were announcing. One day when we're rich...

The new screen

Go Jazz Go!

I love Dax's face in this picture.

Our "selfie" 

Seth--not feeling so hot.

Oh, and I did make Randy a trifle which is what kind of cake he wanted. We ate a little bit every night for about 5 nights. And I did cook him the big steak dinner with twice baked potatoes and mushrooms that he loves. I hope that Randy had a Happy Birthday! I feel so lucky to have him in my life and I know the boys love him to death.

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  1. Glad you had a happy birthday Little Brother!


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