Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seth is 18 months

Technically in a few days, Seth is going to be 19 months. I am a little behind these days on the blog. Seth is doing amazingly well. Back in November we went in for a check up with the cardiologist. He had perfect numbers. Seth was also a star at the doctor's office. He sat still while they did they EKG, the blood pressure machine, and while the cardiologist listened to his heart for a good 5 minutes. We are so grateful that Seth has been so heart healthy!

Seth is also progressing well as a normal 18 month old. He weighs 24 1/2 pounds and is 32 1/2 inches long. His head finally hit the chart. It was been off the charts until this was still 99%, but not super 99%. Seth has started to say a lot of words which has relieved both of his parents because for awhile we wondered if he would ever speak. He says: mom, dad, Mark, Dax, choo choo, bye bye, more, up, gone, uh oh, clock, and lots of animal sounds.

Seth is an adventurous child. He is constantly climbing on things, turning things on and off, unplugging things, and much more. A few days ago he cooked a calculator in the microwave. I was in the kitchen luckily so it was only in there for about 3 seconds while I ran across the room, but it was enough to get it smoking, ruin the calculator, and make our house smell like melted plastic all day long. I am constantly following Seth around making sure that he isn't into something he shouldn't be.

He is very ingenious about how he gets things. Yesterday Randy watched as Seth got one of our pillows off the bed and took it over by our dresser. He then stood on the pillow and got Randy's wallet down so he could go through it. Nothing is safe from Seth because he will move chairs, stools, boxes, and apparently pillows to be just a little taller.

While Seth is a little bit more mischievous than our other boys, he is also a lot of fun and very sweet. Seth loves to give hugs and kisses. When Mark leaves for school each day, Seth runs down and gives him a hug and kiss. Then he stands by the window and watches Mark head to the bus stop. Seth is also good at cleaning up. He will pick up toys when I ask, and often when he is done playing with something like the train track or books, he'll put them away all on his own.

Seth loves his brothers!

Seth also loves his Grandpa Ockey.
He always wants to sit on his lap when he comes to visit.

Seth loves technology. Holy Cow! He loves to play with the computer or any phone---even though he doesn't usually get to. He also loves dogs. Seth gets so excited when he sees a dog, and will giggle even if it licks him in the face. He love trucks and tractors and trains. Seth loves to dance to music and he also likes to play the piano. Seth loves suckers and gets excited to get one at the doctor's office. Seth loves to be outside like all of our boys. Sometimes he will even stand by the door and knock hoping that I will come let him go out.

Seth is a blamer. When he gets hurt or upset, he points to whoever or whatever did it. For instance, if he falls and hits the wall, he will point at his head and then point at the wall. We always know what happened with Seth around. Seth also started patting the seat next to him if he wants you to join him. It is so cute and you feel very loved when he looks at you, pats the floor, and is holding a book that he wants to read with you. Seth can't say drink or water yet, so he just mimes drinking. He puts his fingers to his mouth and tips his head back as if he is taking a drink. I guess it is his way of communicating for now.

Seth brings a lot of joy to our home. We are lucky to have him in our family.

Loves his new phone!

Wants to be a big boy, but Seth is actually a good shoveler.

Blurry, but so cute!

We Love Seth!


  1. Cute! I've never thought that he looks like Mark, but I totally see it in the last picture.

  2. He is so sweet and so cute!! I love his hugs the best. And that blamer part? Cracked me up!! I mean, who blames the wall?! I just love that kid!


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