Monday, October 13, 2014

Mark Is Alive, Too!

Mark scoring a the rain!

Mark has been playing so well this year in soccer. He is a great leader on his team and they all look to him when they aren't sure what to do. Mark is very competitive and likes to win, so he works hard on the field to make sure that they do win. One game this year it poured on us the entire time. We were all drenched. Mark was wiping water off his head most of the game. He had the chance to play goalie that game, and hated it. It was hard for him when they scored on him. I think he felt like he was letting the team down. Mark plays better up front where he can lead the charge down to the field. I was grateful that he has a good learning experience while playing goalie though.

Mark mopping water off his face!

Soaking wet!

Playing goalie.

This is at the beginning of the game in the rain.
No one looked this happy at the end. In fact, Seth was in tears!

Mark entered two pieces of art into Reflections this year. One was a picture that he drew and one was a picture that he took. He won first place for both entries! He worked very hard on them and he was excited to get two medals. I don't have a picture of his drawing, but this is the picture that he entered into photography title, "Leave No Trace." The theme was "The World Would be a Better Place If..."

Mark's entry showing ugly trash versus beautiful forest!

Mark receiving his awards from his principal, Mr. Rencher.

Mark loves his new elementary school.

Mark also had an adventure at the ER a few days ago. Right after I laid the boys down for bed, Mark came out saying his tummy hurt. So we headed to the bathroom where he proceeded to throw up. He was crying pretty loudly about the stomach pains. After he threw up the third time, Mark admitted to swallowing an eraser at school. He was chewing on a chunk of one of those pink rectangle erasers and he swallowed it. So I called Poison Control and my doctor's office and both recommended heading to the ER to make sure there was no blockage. I really didn't want to go because I know about ERs and their long waits and high costs, but Mark was hurting pretty good. So we headed to the ER where we spent the next three hours, mostly waiting. They took an X-ray and it showed that everything looked good. The doctor said he couldn't explain the vomiting (great!), but everything seemed fine on the x-ray. We were to watch him and make sure he didn't bloat, or continue to throw up. We got home about 1:15 am, and Mark seemed tons better. He did ask his dad at one point if he was going to die, so I hope he learned his lesson about putting things in his mouth. He hasn't shown any other signs of pain or problems, and Mark keeps informing me that it hasn't been in his poop yet. I'm glad that he's big enough to check.

Mark also woke up ready to go to school the next day. He was so proud that he stayed up so late and wanted to tell everyone in his class. I would have been embarrassed to admit I swallowed an eraser, but it didn't phase him one bit. He told everyone.

Mark slept almost an hour in the waiting room--lucky!

Getting an x-ray!

Waiting some more, but feeling better now!

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  1. Wait! What?! I haven't heard this story!! Glad it turned out okay. Crazy kid. :)


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