Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Annual Hawk Walk Assembly

Dad is in his bubble ball and ready to play!
Every year Dad is a major player in the Hawk Walk Assembly, and this year was no different. He had a lot of fun this year, though scoring 3 goals in a game of Bubble Soccer. The deal was that teachers would play the sixth graders in a game of bubble soccer and the winners would get to pour slime on the captain of the other team. The slime was made of apple sauce and green jello, and the teachers' captain was Mr. Hodson. This meant that there was no chance of Dad getting slimed, and all he had to do was knock down sixth graders and score goals.
Dad and Mr. Hodson are the best sports about these crazy antics.
This proved to be really easy, as he scored 2 goals and flattened numerous sixth graders in the first 5 minutes. Teachers were ahead 5-0 when Dad finally started kicking the other way and scored a goal for the sixth graders. At that point, he was taken off the field, and five minutes later, the score was somehow tied 4-4. Without Dad on the field, no one could score and the game was declared a tie, with the result being that both captains would be slimed.
Dad was subbed out after he scored a goal for the 6th graders.
That's when it got ugly. Mr. Hodson demanded that Dad get slimed for playing the role of traitor, and soon the whole crowd was chanting "Ockey!"  So, after the sixth grader was slimed, Mr. Hodson called Dad down and sat him in the chair. The sixth graders all grabbed the slime buckets, and when Mr. Hodson turned around, they slimed him instead of Dad! The crowd loved this twist, and Dad remained clean enough to stay and teach the rest of the day!
Dad was not happy about the possibility of being slimed. Even the chair was disgusting!

But he took it like a man! Wearing mom's sweatshirt!


  1. So fun! You are such a good sport, Little Brother. Love you. :)

  2. Fun! He's such a great teacher; you can tell by how much the kids love him! (And I love the sweatshirt!)


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