Monday, October 24, 2016

Seth Preschool Field Trips

Seth and mom are finding themselves with a lot of time on their hands! That means we get to go on A LOT of adventures together. Seth seems to like staying home and playing dress-up, but Mom likes to get out and do something (she's been married to Dad for too long)!

This month seems to be have been especially full of adventures because we ended up going on 4 field trips with his preschools, not to mention all the adventures we went on just by ourselves. Seth is going to two different preschools, so that means a lot of field trips. Here is a run down with some great pics of all the adventures and field trips that Seth and Mom have been enjoying in October (and a few in September).
Seth and I dressed up for free donuts at Krispy Kreme.
Museum of Natural Curiosity: We spent one morning playing at this amazing museum at Thanksgiving Point. We spent most of our time in the little town which is not where the older boys like to spend their time, so Seth and I enjoyed putting on a play, sending money via the bank window, and creating music together. We did spend a little time in the Rainforest before heading home.
Seth loves to dress like a pirate. We put on a play together.
We played veterinarian for a bit, too.
Seth kept ending up in the bank vault!
Bridal Veil Falls: Seth's neighborhood preschool went for a short hike to Bridal Veil Falls. It was a lot of fun. Seth loved running up the path with his friends, and we saw some HUGE fish at the base of the falls. It was a lovely Fall day!
The kids were more interested in putting sticks in the water than the waterfall. 
Seth always loves to pose for the camera.
He has lots of ideas for poses!
Here are the giant fish we saw.
Cross E Ranch: We were invited for the Utah's Adventure Family blog to visit Cross E Ranch for free, so Seth and I went up to check out their pumpkin patch. There was a lot of fun stuff including a huge corn pit, giant slide, corn maze, wagon ride, and animals. Seth loved the little tractor train ride, and Mom loved the kind people who run this little farm.
Seth wasn't too sure about the llama.
He did like being a bat though. 
His favorite part was riding in this tractor train! 
Just making a corn angel... 
Seth said he loved picking his pumpkin the best. Yes, he is kissing his pumpkin!
Seth wouldn't let his pumpkin go once he picked it.
He enjoyed playing on the old tractors.
Fire Station: Seth was in heaven at the fire station. He wants to be a policeman or firefighter when he grows up, so he was more than happy to climb in the fire truck and put on the outfit when most of the other kids were too scared. Mom has been on this field trip about 10 times, and the fireman who took us around was the best she'd ever seen. He was super personable with the kids and made it tons of fun.
Seth was the bravest one at the fire station. He high-fived the fireman.
He was the only one who tried the outfit on.
Seth loved visiting the fire station.
Jaker's: Seth's neighborhood friends went to Jaker's, which is one of our favorite places in the Fall. It was so BUSY! When we showed up, there were about 10 buses in the parking lot, so there were a lot of kids. Luckily, we still had a lot of fun, and by the time we got off the wagon ride, most of the buses were gone, and we enjoyed the rest of the pumpkin patch with smaller crowds. Seth really loved the spook alley this year. We walked through 3 times.
Seth and Aiden have been playing together a lot lately, so they were buddies on the field trip.
Here is the whole preschool gang.
Seth loved all the pumpkins.
Mom had to climb up and help the kids onto the top of the pyramid.
Tracy Aviary: We had the opportunity to attend one of the Little Chicks classes for free at Tracy Aviary. Seth really enjoyed this class, and he knew a lot of the answers. Part of the class is that a bird comes to visit them, so Seth was able to get up close to a macaw. They also made a little craft, and colored a picture. Afterward, we spent some time enjoying the aviary and the Fall colors were beautiful there, too.
Seth picked S for his name.
He loved the little obstacle course.
Seth has become a great colorer.
We played birds in here for a bit. 
The macaw came to their class and Seth loved watching it fly around.
Luckily, I had one quarter so we could feed the ducks.
The grounds are beautiful right now. We really enjoyed the fall colors as well as the birds.
Hee Haw Farms: Seth went with Miss Tina to Hee Haw Farms one afternoon. We always have fun there, especially with the petting zoo. Seth ran around petting all the animals, and he was especially excited that he could touch their horns and they didn't seem to mind. Seth also loved playing in the corn pit. It's definitely the favorite pumpkin patch activity.
Seth was very gently with the animals even though it doesn't look like it in the pictures.
He loved this big slide!
I would not want all that corn being dumped on my head, but Seth loved it!
It was a great field trip! 
Seth fed the goats, too. 
Seth thought the sunflowers looked like showers. I agreed!

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