Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Night

Tonight I was sitting here thinking that I hadn't posted anything about our family lately. Here are a few quick insights into the lives of Mark and Dax Ockey.

Mark started piano lessons, with me, this week. He loves it! He keeps asking when his next lesson will be. I hope that the enthusiasm sticks. He was great for his lesson. A perfect listener and a fast learner. Mark is very into superheroes right now. All he talks about is Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Star Wars and the list goes on and on. I guess that is what boys like, but I am not into it. I do know some things about Star Wars, but he gets mad if I don't know the names of every robot or creature. Who knew those big robot guys--the one that the little furry dudes in Return of the Jedi tripped--were called AT-ATs? Apparently Randy, and now Mark. Mark's other passion is music, hence the piano lessons. He knows more Beatles songs than I do. He has a small mp3 player (his iPod) that he walks around listening to and pretending to be John Lennon.  Check out these pictures of Mark. The first one is Mark as a superhero. He is wearing Buzz wings and a face mask (made from a shopping basket). The 2nd is Mark rocking out to The Beatles.

On to our second chid, Dax. Dax loves books, especially about the planets. He can say all the planet names and identifies most of them from pictures. He loves going to the library and choosing books. After 5 minutes in the library, I am laden down with 20 books that Dax collected off the shelves. His other passion right now is stickers. He loves stickers and this week he decided that putting them on his face is HILARIOUS. And if you try to take them off, you know to go out in public, he throws a huge fit. So each day I have to argue with myself over whether having a 1-year old covered in stickers is more embarrassing than dealing with a 20 minute fit. Usually the stickers win and we head to the store, post office, wherever with stickers all over Dax's face. The two pictures of Dax below show him at home carrying around his huge stack of library books. He carried them from the basement all they way up the stairs to my bedroom to have Dad read them to him. The second picture is Dax with his stickers. Enjoy.

I have been having so much fun with the boys getting ready for Valentine's Day and just being a mom. They are the best boys, and although there are moments when I want to hide in my room all day, they bring so much joy to my life. I couldn't wish for better kids.

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  1. My favorite is when Mark gets all into singing while playing the guitar and he does look like a rockstar singing. It is awesome.


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