Monday, June 27, 2011

Mark Avoids Stitches, Again!

What is it with Mark and head wounds? I guess he is a boy and never stops running, so he is bound to get lots of injuries. Well, we had another one on Friday. Mark was running around the corner and cut his head on the door latch--you know the little metal plate that the latch closes into. He has hit his head here before, but never with a big cut. Randy wasn't home, but I stopped the bleeding and thought it didn't look too bad and would wait the two hours until Randy could check it out. He is our resident decider on whether a wound needs to go to the doctor or not. Apparently he has some experience in this!

The doctor debated for a long time and said it was on the borderline. He knows Mark very well and understood that if we didn't need stitches, we wouldn't feel like our time was wasted. Unfortunately he said he needed one stitch. Well, he decided on a staple since it was one poke and the stitches would be a poke for the numbing shot, plus the stitches. Mark was so brave through the whole thing. He cried pretty good when the doctor put the staple in, but I was so proud of how he behaved. Thanks Dr. Knorr. Check out the picture!

It brought back memories of Mark, age 18 months, falling and cutting his head on the windowsill. He had his head glued together--his first time avoiding stitches. Here's the picture of his head glued together.


  1. Man, I hate stitches! I had to take Paul to the Instacare after he got cut this week at work. Six stitches for him just above the ankle. Hope you feel better soon, Mark.

  2. Aw, poor buddy!! It kind of is gross to look at, so here is hoping I don't have to do that ever!! I will be the one crying!!

  3. Hi.did it leave a scar from his 18month glue

  4. Not really. A small scar is visible if you look really closely. He's 9 now, and a current picture can be seen here:

    It's the fourth picture down (our oldest child) and you can click it for a closeup. Look exactly in the middle of his forehead. There are many other pictures on the site, too. It's almost invisible.


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