Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New nephew

Randy's sister, Amy and her husband Brian, welcomed their new baby yesterday. Aiden Brian Schuster is so cute. Since the big event was a scheduled c-section (scheduled at 6am), we watched Samantha, Amy and Brian's oldest child. It was funny to watch Amy and Brian be nervous about leaving her with us--it was Sam's first night away from her mom and dad! I heard that Brian walked into her room 20 times the night before and shed a few tears. I am glad that he loves her so much.

Samantha was an angel. She slept through the night, ate everything I gave her, and had fun playing with my boys. We went to the zoo and wore them out, so all the kids, including the big kids Randy and Natalie, took a nap when we got home. It was fun to watch Samantha love her new baby brother so much when we took her to the hospital last night.

Mark loved holding Aiden, but when we asked Dax if he wanted to hold the baby, he said, "No thank you." I asked, "Are you sure?" Dax replied, "He's too little." That's just how his father feels! Randy didn't hold Aiden either.

Here are a few pictures of our day with 3 kids!

Riding the Zoofari Express!

Loving the carousel.

Being silly!

Love at first sight.

He's TOO little!

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  1. He is so cute! Thanks for the pics...we can't wait to see him!


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