Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snakes, part 2

And so the story continues . . . Yesterday I was weeding in the garden and I was pulling huge weeds out of the strawberries. "Uh oh", you are probably saying (at least those of you who read my previous post), and that should have been what I was thinking, but I wasn't. For some reason, the thought of a snake in the strawberry patch never even crossed my mind, until I  stood up to walk around the corner of the box and a snake slithered out of the garden box into the rocks by my feet. Of course, I screamed. All three boys came to see what happened. Mark saw it was a snake and said, "Oh, it's just a snake. Mom, I thought you saw a big spider (can you tell what he is afraid of?)."

It was a pretty small garter snake, smaller than the one we watched in the grass, but I didn't care. Randy asked me if I wanted him to get rid of it. YES! I told him. He is convinced that the snake does good things for the strawberries as far as bugs are concerned, and he may be right, but I can't live knowing that snake is in my garden. So Randy caught it and carefully took it to the field next to our house. I just know it will come back--it has to have a home in there. I told Randy I am never going near that part of the garden again. At least he understands. I can't stand snakes. Yuck!

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