Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping Extravaganza

Randy set a goal for our family that we would go camping for 10 nights this year, and we have almost reached it. We have gone 7 nights so far, and have two more camping nights scheduled for this weekend, so by August we will have camped for 9 nights. Whew, that made me tired just thinking about all those nights sleeping in the woods. We have had so much fun. We have been camping in new places this year and with lots of family and friends. Below you will see some highlights from the last three weekends of camping!

Weekend #1: Camping with the Randy's sister Laurie and most of her family at Lodgepole Campground by Strawberry
Mark found a great tree for sitting.

We went on a nature walk, and we found lots of different flowers to smell.

Mark and Dax love to cook hot dogs over the fire.

Nate wore dryer sheets all weekend because they are apparently very attractive! (He said they kept mosquitoes away)

We went on a little hike and Ty came along. We love camping with Ty--he is a great babysitter.

The boys loved their first ride in Aunt Laurie's motorhome.

The gang (Glen, Nate, Laurie, Dax, Randy, Ty, and Mark in front)

Weekend #2: Camping with my old college roommate and her family at Redman Campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon
A moose walked right past our tent.

The kids hanging out in their camping chairs.

Randy tried his hand at chopping wood!

Dax learned about poking the fire from his dad.

The Ockeys at Silver Lake. We hiked around this lake with our friends.

Weekend #3: Camping with Randy's friends from Ephraim at Diamond Campground near Spanish Fork
Mark and Dax loved throwing rocks in the river with Collyn.

Dax decided he wanted to wade into the river.

Parris tried to float down the river.

Dax loved the sparklers--his first time with fireworks.

We all have lots of boys! Collyn, Reddick, Rulon, Dax & Mark

Randy and Natalie--our first picture as a couple since we had Dax! 

We also have a camping trip lined up for Labor Day--so we are definitely reaching our 10 nights goal. It has been a camping year, that's for sure!


  1. But you missed our camping trip at Community! We had so much fun taking out the rafts...maybe we can plan better next year so we can go together.

  2. What old roommate did you go with? I can't believe the moose walked right by you guys. 10 nights is a lofty goal with tiny kids. Way to go.

  3. Come see the cute picture of "little" Randy on the blog today...

  4. I thought you might like it. It's from the day Carl was ordained an elder, taken in front of our first apt. Gary was still on his mission.


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