Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some bears at Yellowstone

Hey, This is Randy.

People who haven't been to Yellowstone in the last 10-15 years always ask us if we see any bears when we go. I remember when it was nearly impossible to see a bear in the park, but those days are over. Each trip we see 15-20 bears, and we don't do anything special. (This 15-20 does count the sow and her 2 cubs we saw 3 days in a row as "9.")

Though we have had a lot of great bear sightings, including seeing cubs inside of 20 feet a few years ago, this video shows my favorite bear sighting of the trip from this year:

Thanks to Natalie for the video and editing

By the way, though we counted 51 different species in the park (including birds), none of them were moose. Don't go to Yellowstone to see moose. We haven't seen any in our last 2 trips. This year the ranger told us there are only 200 left in the park. Go to the Tetons to see moose.


  1. Kacy was so excited to be your 1000th reader! I'm not a Yellowstone fan. I'm glad you like it though.

  2. Actually, Carl is the one that said it was 200 yards long. I was thinking more like 150, but it is running pretty full this year. The kids had a great time rafting. Did you see the pics from Saturday's post? BTW I know the name of the lake, I'm still not trying to make myself completely visible.


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