Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mark's 5th Birthday

The Birthday Boy
Many of you know that Mark was born on the 4th of July. Everyone was heading to the fireworks that year, while I was in the hospital having my first baby at 8:00 at night. But I am so glad he is here. He is such a fun boy. Mark is smart, athletic, a good helper, a kind big brother (most of the time), and a great boy! I am so glad he is in our family.

For his birthday, we invited some of his little cousins to come and play in the water with him. He loves playing in the water in the comfort of our own home. They had a great time.
Playing squirt guns with Grandpa Daniels

Mark with his cousins. They loved the slide!
Thanks Ty for always playing with the kids!

Mark wanted a shark cake for his birthday. I was quite pleased with the result. Randy thought of using white chocolate chips for the teeth after I had stressed over what to use for weeks. Mark loved the cake and that is what matters most!

He got lots of great presents, but there are definitely two stand outs. His Aunt Tiffany & Uncle Jonny spoil him and bought him the light saber that he wanted. He and Dax carry that thing everywhere. I am very impressed that Mark lets Dax play with it as much as he does.
Mark and his new light saber.
Mark also really wanted a space station/rocket that his cousin Daniel has and so his family gave him that. He had a great reaction when he opened it even though I think he knew he was going to get it. After he opened it, Mark asked me if he could take a picture of it--I guess he wanted to capture the moment. He did pretty well.

The 5th birthday was a big success.

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  1. So Daniel told me that his rocket ship was missing a piece. That apparently his didn't have the alien space station that he needed because Mark's came with one. I told him if he could go so many days without driving me crazy I would buy him one. Still working on his chart.


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