Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Trees

One of our favorite traditions is going up Ephraim Canyon to cut our own Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Randy's family started this long before I joined the family. This year was a little bit different due to the lack of snow and the abundance of mud, but we had a great time anyway. We had an amazing breakfast prepared by two brothers-in-law, and then we headed out to search for the perfect tree (actually two perfect trees). Mark & Dax loved looking for trees because they finally got to walk in some snow. In fact, they spent more time playing in the snow than helping us find a tree. Seth got a little worn out and fell asleep after we found our first tree. But the best part is always riding four-wheelers and sledding, and of course, spending time with our family!

See our Christmas tree behind these two?

Seth passed out.

Mark sledding, or maybe crashing!

Love Dax's smile!

We saw wild turkeys on the way into Ephraim. We love bird watching!

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  1. Look like you had so much fun! Maybe next year we can join you.


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