Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dear Dax

Dax has become the middle child. I often think about how I can help him not live in Mark's shadow and not try to be the baby like Seth. I can see that Dax has been the most affected by the changes in our family. He has come to terms with Seth and loves to hug him and try to make him smile. Dax always wants to be like Mark and wishes he could do all the things Mark does--and one day Dax will. It's hard to make him wait.

But while I post about Seth and Mark, I want you to know that Dax is special to me, too. Dax is the child who says, "Thanks for dinner mom," every night. Dax is the one who asked to have his preschool teacher over to play. Dax is the one who wants to help his dad do ANYTHING. Dax is the one who learned his letters and sounds by age 2 and already recognizes quite a few sight words at 3 1/2. Dax is the child who will read Little Critter books for hours on end. I find him in his room reading quite often. Dax is the one who knows all the words to Nephi's Courage and sings them constantly.

I could go on and on. Sometimes Dax and I have our differences--okay, we have lots of differences, but Dax is a sweetheart and is genuinely kind to others. He is funny and is already the class clown. He is my challenge, but I know he is amazing. I am grateful to spend some time with Dax.


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