Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Seth: 4 months already?

Four months old and lovin' it!
Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was cursing Seth (still in the womb) for making me have contractions when I was having a scheduled C-section. Then all the drama came, and life has just gone by so quickly.

Seth is learning to reach and grab for things. His brothers are fascinated by this and cheer him on all day long. Seth also loves to blow spit bubbles. He is constantly spitting/drooling and I change his soaked through shirt more than once a day. Seth knows how to laugh, but is very stingy at what he laughs at. He will usually give a little guffaw, but to get a real laugh you better be doing something doggone funny. Seth talks in squeals now which is very entertaining. I think he wants to be heard above the noise of the rest of his family.
Spitting, as usual.
Seth is such an easy going, calm baby. I wake him up constantly from his naps to take his brothers places or pick them up. He always has a smile for me. Dax and Mark really enjoy playing with him and it is fun to see them bonding with Seth. He is always trying to look at his brothers wherever they are in the room. Seth knows his name and will turn and look at you when you call him. I am so grateful that Seth is part of our family and I feel truly blessed that he is here.
Playing with dad and Dax 
Seth comes on all our adventures and loves them!

Seth is trying so hard to grab the camera. 

He loves his dad!


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