Thursday, May 9, 2013

Here We Go Again

The stitches. Poor kid!
We have another set of stitches here at our house. This time Seth was the lucky candidate. He pulled the lamp off the dresser in his room, and it broke and cut his toe. I had left Seth in his room with Dax to grab the phone, and I heard a crash and immediate crying. I hurried down to see what happened and as I picked him up I saw blood all over the carpet. I started checking his head, mouth, but I didn't really think of his toe. Once I finally figured it out, I had walked down the hall to the kitchen (the kitchen is like our ER--that's where all the band-aids and medicine are kept). There were drips of blood all down our hallway that I later spent about a half hour scrubbing.

I held a towel to stop the bleeding for a minute, and then took a better look. I knew immediately it was very deep so I called the doctor as we were getting in the car. Getting stitches with a 10 month old was definitely a million times worse than Mark getting stitches. Mark held still and was very calm (other than getting a shot). Seth, on the other hand, screamed the entire time. Two nurses held his right leg, one at the knee, the other at his foot, while I held his arms and left leg and tried to comfort him at the same time. The comforting part didn't really work. Four stitches later, Seth was drenched in sweat and completely exhausted. No one could believe he needed that many stitches on his little tiny toe.

Such cute little toes. I didn't get any before pictures this time.
Seth has been a champ other than the actually suturing time. He has been crawling around everywhere and is still into everything. I have to keep shoes on him all the time because he kept yanking his socks off, and the bandaid would come off too. Seth doesn't like having socks and shoes on, so I have one pair he can't pull off. He'll be wearing these shoes a lot!

These shoes are slip-ons, that's why he can't get them off.
I'm definitely not going to win any awards for being a great mother this year. I am grateful Dax was in there so he could tell me what happened. I feel so guilty because it was so preventable. Now, I hope we can keep Dax safe from stitches!

Just a little bit clingy to mom, but that's normal anyway.

Busy as ever!


  1. Stuff just happens. That's part of being a mom. You still have a long way to go on the accident train. It gets worse when they can drive a car.

  2. No worries! You are an awesome mom. He will heal up just fine, never remember it but be able to show his little scar to everyone.

  3. Oh, sad! But look at that sweet toe. Love him!


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