Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day

We stopped by the Manti Temple to get a picture of Seth for his temple book.
Today we headed down to Sanpete county for Memorial Day. I know, technically Memorial Day is Monday, but we like to go on Saturday when it is slightly less crowded. This year we spent the entire hour long drive telling stories about Grandma Ockey (Randy's mom) and Grandma Benson (Randy's grandma). Dax and Mark knew Grandma Benson so they shared their memories too. It was amazing to talk about these two ladies who meant so much to our family. We also shared a little bit about our other grandmas and grandpas that have passed on.  Last night I put a few pictures, funeral programs, etc in sheet protectors. When we arrived at the cemetery, we took the pictures and info over to the grave and shared. We always clean up the grave site as well...that is our tradition from the beginning (we take a big pack of baby wipes for wiping bird poop). We talked about how even though they didn't know Grandma Ockey, she helped shape their lives because of the things she did for their dad. We wanted them to understand why it was important to remember those who have gone before us, and this was the first time I felt like they sort of grasped it--maybe because they are bigger, maybe because we tried a little harder.

We also did a few other adventures. We visited Grandpa Ockey's farm. We always like to go and see what is at Grandpa's farm hanging out with all his sheep. Dax was slightly afraid of the chickens because they followed us around everywhere, and he really wanted to pet a lamb.  Seth LOVES cats. If we see one in the neighborhood, he has to pet it. So the two running around the farm were no different.

Seth was fascinated, and slightly frightened, by the animals and their loud noises.

Dax hurrying away from the chickens!

Must-- Pet-- Lamb!

Seth Loves the cat!
We even hiked to a waterfall up Manti Canyon (more info on the other blog). And we ate at our favorite pizza place in Ephraim. It was a long, but amazing day. The boys were so great in the car and I felt like this was the best Memorial Day for remembering. We'll probably do this again next year.

I like this one too!

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  1. We went through Ephraim yesterday...twice! It was my high school reunion in Manti. We decided to leave the kids and make the trip twice this year so we are heading back today. I still love the Manti temple the best since we were sealed there.


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