Friday, December 27, 2013

Let it Snow!

We finally got some good snow! Toward the end of December it warmed up so we could enjoy playing in the snow. I was starting to hate the single digit temperatures. One day we had lots of the cousins over and we had some good snowball fights. Even Grandpa Daniels chased the kids around. A few days later, we had snowman building snow... our boys were ecstatic! They have been waiting and waiting to build a snowman. Here are just a few pictures to show the fun we have had in the snow.

Dax taught Seth to eat snow.

Mark is always covered in snow.

Some of the Daniels cousins playing in the snow!

Seth helping to build the snowman--he was so excited.

Great snowman!

Seth kept giving him kisses. It was so cute.

Randy usually takes the brunt of the snowballs.


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