Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pre Christmas

We had a lot of fun things going on a few days before Christmas. So this post is just my way of sharing lots of photos! :)

December 21: My parents came down and showered my boys with gifts. We like letting them open these gifts a few days before or after Christmas because then they can enjoy the holiday just a little bit more. While they were here, we had a family dinner because my sister was also visiting from Las Vegas. It was fun to visit with slightly more than half of the Daniels Clan.

Mark is getting so old...he has to get big boy gifts now.

Seth loved all the cars he got.

Everyone loved their Snoopys!

Grandma and Grandpa Daniels

The Daniels cousins minus Abby and Raymond. :(

December 22: Ockey family Christmas party. We had fun hanging out with all the Ockey clan making gingerbread houses, exchanging gifts, eating yummy dinner, seeing Santa (Seth does not like Santa), and eating egg nog shakes.

So handsome for church!

Gingerbread houses at Aunt Sandy's

Waiting for Santa to arrive

Seth would not sit on Santa's lap, but Dax and Mark did,
even though Dax just licked his candy cane and wouldn't talk to Santa.

Seth loved this reindeer. He laid on it for most
of the Ockey Christmas Party.

December 23: This was the day we built our snowman and played in the snow. You can check out that post if you didn't see it a little while ago!

December 24: Christmas Eve! We built a gingerbread manor that my parents gave us, we had a delicious ham dinner, and we got new pajamas to wear to bed.

I liked the car they made.

We LOVED our Christmas Eve dinner.

Love my daddy!

Christmas Eve....so excited for Christmas!

The next post will be about Christmas!!

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Especially that Ockey Christmas party. :)


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