Saturday, December 7, 2013

O Christmas Tree

Every year we head down to Ephraim Canyon with Randy's family to cut our own Christmas tree. WE LOVE IT! It is one of our favorite traditions. The boys get so excited because even though there is no snow down here in Lehi, they know there will be snow up on the mountains and then they can go sledding.

We were a little worried because it had been such a nice fall that there might not be snow up on the mountain. I prepped the children that we might not be able to sled and we might get muddy. Boy, was I wrong. As soon as we got a little way up, we realized we might not even make it up to our normal meeting place in the van. We did, thank goodness. And there was plenty of snow.

We had such a fun time. We love spending time chatting with family, eating a yummy breakfast, sledding, and tromping all over the mountain looking for Christmas trees. I was exhausted from carrying Seth because he did not want to walk, and probably couldn't walk, in the deep snow--I understand. But my arms were seriously sore the next day. And we got two amazing trees! What a fun day.

Seth's first sled ride.

Dax LOVES sledding!

Mark kept crashing and thought it was awesome!

I love how he is sticking his tongue out!

Sledding down the road.

Seth wasn't a big fan of sledding.

But he did LOVE the 4-wheeler.
I think he went on 4 rides.

I love these boys so much!
I feel like this movie is mostly bloopers, but I laughed when I watched it, so I hope you enjoy it too!

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  1. So fun! Wish we could have made it this year.


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