Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dax the Model

Dax with his new cape and mask!
Dax had a unique opportunity the other day. He was asked to model some dress up clothing for a local company. I was surprised that Dax was even interested in having his picture taken over and over again. He has always hated taking pictures, so I figure it had to do with the fact that it was superhero stuff.

We went to their warehouse for the pictures and the photo studio was in a tiny office room. They mostly use the photos for catalogs, so it doesn't need to be too fancy.

Dax did really well. He posed exactly like they said, but he was also very serious. They had to keep encouraging him to smile, and when he did it was a big cheesy smile!

The best part is that Dax got to choose some free dress up clothes. That was his pay. He picked some new capes and masks. I couldn't tell if Dax had a good time or not because he was so serious when we were there, so I asked him if he would want to do it again. His reply, "Yes, of course." I'm sure he just wants another new cape.

I didn't take any pictures of him when he was modeling...I was worried they would be upset. But I took a few before and after shots.

I tried to get Dax to practice his smile...oh boy!

A little better...he did his own hair by the way.
I helped at the end with the gel.

He wanted to pose by the flowers.

Another outfit he picked out.

Seth always wants to be involved, too.


  1. Cute! What company was it? Funny that he was so serious for them.


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