Monday, April 28, 2014

It's Soccer Time Again!

It's begun! Mark and Dax both started soccer last Saturday. They were so excited. They love playing soccer and they both played really well. Dax's game was first and he had a slow start because he was tired and hadn't eaten anything. I wasn't starving him, he had just chosen not to eat breakfast or a snack. But he kicked into gear and ended up scoring 4 goals.

This is how Dax warms up.

Dax gets pretty intense.

Nice face Dax! 

Seth has to be in a picture if the camera is out of my purse.
Mark's game was later in the afternoon and his team played very well. They dominated and had the ball on their half of the field most of the game. Mark scored two goals which is really difficult in his league. Now that he is older, they have a goalie and positions, and it makes it a little more challenging to score. We were proud of how well he played.

The next 6 weeks will be filled with busy Saturdays. And it won't stop when soccer ends because then baseball starts.

Mark's face gets so red when he runs.

Mark hustling all over the field.

Seth found a great chair.

I love how happy he looks here with his teammates.

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  1. Wow, baseball is really after soccer there? Up here we have to choose. Baseball has been going for about 2 weeks now. The boys are loving it and Kate is playing softball. I'm running to the park every night...


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