Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dax's 5th Birthday

The Birthday Boy
On May 1st, Dax turned 5. He has been so excited for his birthday. Every day in April Dax would drag the chair over to the calendar that hangs on our fridge and count how many days were left until his birthday. The big day finally arrived and Randy and I decorated his door.

We have fun decorating doors for each birthday!

Dax had preschool on his birthday so we took some cupcakes into his class. He also took some extra time on his hair that day. He wanted it to look like Brother Hortin from church and honestly, I didn't know what Brother Hortin's hair looked like even though I served in nursery with him for 5 months, and he was Dax's nursery teacher before that. I guess I need to spend more time looking at men's hair. But we finally got it figured out after about 15 minutes in the bathroom.

Dax's favorite sport is basketball.

Please admire the fancy hair!

Dax wanted to go to Brick Oven for his birthday dinner. It is one of our favorite restaurants. We had a wonderful experience--everyone was overly nice. We weren't sure why, but we appreciated it. Dax got an ice cream sundae with a sucker on top. He didn't even touch the ice cream, but he was very excited for his sucker.

After dinner we opened presents and had cake. Dax is in love with the Miami Heat right now, especially Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, and Dwayne Wade. Okay, that's basically the whole team, but he and Mark pick two players each and play basketball ALL day long. They also play with the Utah Jazz players too. So we broke down and ordered him a Lebron James jersey. He was so excited!

Dax wanted to have a Ninja Turtles party with his friends, so I assumed that is what type of cake he would want. Well, I was wrong. He wanted a football field with the ball flying over it. I had to think for awhile on this one, but I was proud of the cake and how it turned out. As I was making it, Dax asked for it to be a BYU cake, so I added the Y at the end. I also don't want any hard core BYU fans getting mad at me because of the endzones. I know that one of them says Brigham Young and the other says Cougars, but I could barely fit Cougars, there was no way I was trying to write Brigham Young.

Dax's Brick Oven Treat!

We love Brick Oven!

Go Heat!

We are happy boys! Do you like Seth copying Mark?

I loved that the three of them were having so much fun together. 

Dax watched me finish his cake and decided where the football should go.
I had to be high enough to look like it was going through the goal posts.

Since Dax turned 5 this year, I am going to share 5 things that I love about Dax.

1. Dax is definitely the sweetest child in our family. He is kind and caring. He thinks of others feelings first and goes out of his way to share with his brothers.

2. Dax is funny. He is silly a lot of the time and I mostly love it. :) I am grateful that he can make us laugh and have fun.

3. Dax is helpful. He loves to help with any job. He loves to weed, mow the lawn, cook, wash the dishes, take out the garbage, sweep, mop, and much more. He is always excited to help mom and dad get their chores done. I hope that this lasts forever.

4. Dax has a strong testimony. Some weeks I have to fight him to get his church clothes on, but he is the first person to suggest saying a prayer when we need help with something. Last week Dax was sick and fell asleep on my bed. When he woke up, he looked and felt much better. Dax told me that he had said a prayer that he could feel better (he also prayed for Seth's hurt finger--see #1) and HE DID feel better because Heavenly Father heard his prayer.

5. Dax is independent. This was the hardest quality for me to come to love about Dax. I had to let go and stop hovering. But now I am glad that Dax is willing to try new things easily and he explores and adventures everywhere.

Happy Birthday Dax!


  1. Happy Birthday, Dax!
    Love, Aunt Sandy

  2. Happy Birthday, Dax! I love that kid! I love that he wanted hair like Brother Horton; I hope you told Brother Horton. The cake is amazing! And Dax constantly talks to me about the Miami Heat and wonders why I don't know who any of the players are. :) Sounds like it was an amazing start to year 5!

  3. What a sweet boy! Looks like he had an amazing 5th birthday!


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