Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BYU Adventures

We went to BYU to visit the Botany Pond and the Astrofest for our other blog, but there were a lot of fun pictures of our family that I didn't want to post on the more public site. We had such a fun time visiting some new places on campus. Here are the memories.

The Botany Pond was not around when Randy and I attended,
but we thought it was an amazing addition.

Seth LOVED feeding the ducks.

Mark and Dax had so much fun!

Seth is staring down this duck because she just bit him.
He tried to hand it to her instead of throw it.

Seth and I wore our BYU apparel.

Cute boys!

We are a lot older now, but just as good looking.

This mama duck had a ton of ducklings.

We saw lots of butterflies by these great smelling lilacs.

These three had so much fun launching rockets at the BYU astrofest.

They are all ready to catch their rockets.
Here is a slo-mo movie of us launching rockets at BYU. I had to try it out on my Mother's Day present. But I love that you can see the rockets falling down, and watch Mark in the background trying to catch his--he has a green shirt on. Sorry it's all stretched out--it was filmed on a phone!

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