Friday, May 16, 2014

Another New Photographer

One of the first posts that I ever put on this blog was about Dax taking photos on my camera. Seth has become the next photographer. He loves to take pictures on my cell phone because it is the one feature I can't lock. I am getting a new phone so today I was downloading all the photos off the old one. There were probably about 100 photos and a few videos. I deleted most of them, but here are my top 10 favorite Seth photos!

One of his earliest pictures...sitting on my bed.

I love that you can just barely see his little toes.

Dax loves this picture. He says it's a picture of the backpack.

Seth in the Costco Cart

The carpet between his legs

That's our friend and some yummy mint brownies.

A random cap on the counter.

The computer--Seth's other favorite toy. It's very frustrating.

Helping at Mark's school.

Our friend's little boy.
I didn't even know he found the camera this day.

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