Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Grandpa!

My dad and I don't take too many pictures together anymore.
My dad hit the big 60 this year. So all of my sisters (minus one on a mission) came up and spent the weekend my dad. We had a lot of fun! We began the day by mini golfing. My dad is a serious golfer, so we wanted to do something involving golf and we knew we wouldn't do well on a real fairway. The mini golf course was super tiny. It could probably fit in my living room, but it actually made everything more exciting. All of the grandkids were contained in one spot and everyone could hang out together instead of little groups going off to golf. We also played a few arcade games and earned enough tickets for the kids to get some treats.

Dax hits pretty hard.

Seth was in love with this Tonka truck ride.

Mark was very serious about his shots.

Seth loves to be a big boy.
My dad and Randy got pretty competitive.

We love minigolfing!

Later that evening we began the night with h'orderves, had a big dinner, and a few of my dad's favorite desserts. My dad's dad who has been in the hospital for the last few months because of back surgery and some complications afterward, was able to come over for the party. We were all glad to see him.   We also took a grandkid picture. All 10 of my parents' grandchildren were at the party, so we figured we needed to get a good picture. We had them spell the word GRANDPA.

My mom and Seth

All the grandkids with grandma and grandpa!

Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Daniels

I made this awesome sign of pictures from my dad's life.

My sister snapped this picture of Seth.
It's so cute! My dad is photo bombing.

Here's the Grandpa picture inside....

....Then we tried outside.

I thought this picture was pretty precious of Seth and Audrey.
They have to hold both hands.


  1. Love the last few pictures of the GRANDPA. And of Seth and Audrey. Oh! And the first one of you and your dad!


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