Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Swim Lessons 2014

This year ALL three boys had swim lessons. Mark & Dax did really well and are getting very close to being independent swimmers. Seth was in a parent and me class. He did one week with mom and one week with dad. Seth did well, too. He wasn't a huge fan of putting his face in the water, but he liked playing games and jumping into the pool. Here are some fun pictures from swimming this year!

1st day of swim class!

Mark working on his back float. 

Dax loves to jump in!

Mark started to learn the backstroke this year.

Here's Mark swimming back to the wall.

Dax also worked on the backstroke. 

Seth is so serious!

But he loves jumping in to dad!

On the last day of swim lessons, the kids can go down the slide.
Seth liked going with Dad.

Mark went by himself!

Dax went on this slide for awhile.

Dax wanted to go down the big slide with dad, too.


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