Saturday, August 9, 2014

Neighborhood Campout

We had an amazing time at a neighborhood campout this weekend. There were 45 good friends in tents and trailers. It was so much fun that we vowed to do it again next year! Here are a few, okay a TON, of pictures: (You can also read about this trip here and here.)

Everyone gathering for dinner!

Graham chillin'!

Some boys are serious camping chefs.

Maya loves her Oreos!

Mexican S'mores!

Some people may have had too much fun....

Cheese (-y)!

Maggie decorated everyone with glow sticks!

Thanks Russ for bringing the telescope.

The sidewalk chalk was great for the little ones--good idea Ellis family.

The Kings taught us how to color on cattails.

The kids loved making patterns on the cattails.

It was a sweet project!

The kids worked on these for over an hour.

It was great to get together with friends. 

This is the group picture taken at the Grotto Falls trailhead.

We missed the Kings and the Ellises on this hike.

Everyone liked crossing the bridges at Grotto Falls.

All the kids had fun in the water.

It was like Grand-Central Station.

The water is just the right depth.

I love that Nixon was so easy going. Time to eat right now? Okay!

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